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What you are seeing is all about " LCpl Taylor B. Prazynski USMC ". Son, Friend, Christian, Marine, Hero. No matter what your opinions of the war, this young man laid down his life for all of us- you should be thankful, I am!
After working with his family I realized that Taylor must have been a kind, polite, caring fella ( the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ).While working on this I often wondered what Taylor sounded like , how he moved , Then I looked at John ( his father ) and realized I was most likely seeing the spitting image. You will see John putting some serious mileage on this bike.
Lets not forget Matt Maupin, lets pray he comes home soon!

This is actually a work in progress., bike will return in near future for more scroll work , names and ?.
Assembled pics will be available after Sept 10 following the 2nd annual 9/11 hero's ride.
Main color: House of Kolor " Ultra Orange Pearl w/ Ice Gold Pearl.
Everything on bike is paint except the dash. The portrait image is computer generated image with airbrush overlay .The dash was made by MCCALLCOLORS and is constructed of aluminum.

Thank you Taylor Prazynski--- GOD SPEED!



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