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Caring for your new colors

?    Your new paint work has been cleared with one of the finest urethanes available. Proper care and maintenance of your new colors will prolong the life of your investment. Remember~ a little soap and water goes a long way!

?    NEVER polish in direct sunlight! Normal Polishing: My personal preference is Meguiars #7 (“mirror glaze”). This is what your job has on it when you receive it. #7 does not dry to a paste, rub thoroughly then wipe off. Never use a coarse cloth.

?    Small Scratches, Blemishes, and Mars: If these are not deep enough to reach the color, then you can most likely rub them out. Use PPG DRX25 Finish Rub or 3M Imperial Micro finish. Rub lightly because if  you rub too long and hard, you may rub through the clear. Take your time and follow up with your polish.

?    Gas Spills: Do not wipe off wet gas, let it dry and evaporate if possible. If gas has pooled in any crevices then absorb with a towel. Once completely dry, follow with instructions for “small scratches, etc.”.

?    100 MPH Bugs: Always try to soak with a soapy-hot-water cloth. If this fails, use a mild grease remover. I use PPG DX330. Follow up with your polish.

All of the materials mentioned above can be purchased at your local paint supplier. If you have any questions, feel free to call.

Thank you,

Terry McCall


(937) 266-7570




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